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Mar 4, 2011 7:00pm PST
missing japanese are returning to japan. >>> among the 28 japanese who remain unaccounted for in christchurch are a number of nurses. they were studying english there. why are japanese nurses going a abroad to study and work? nhk world found out. >> reporter: nhk world found out. >> reporter: noriko is one of the missing japanese who left for christchurch in january. after working as a nurse in japan for about seven years, she went overseas in the hope of acquiring english skills and becoming involved with international nursing activities. she had taken part in the activities of a nonprofit organization in cambodia. a doctor, who also was a teammate, praises her. >> translator: she's cheerful and positive about everything. i think she is an excellent nurse. >> reporter: her school offered english for nurses who wanted to work overseas. many japanese nurses were in the school in christchurch when it collapsed. this woman has been a nurse for six years. just like others, she wants to work in developing countries or a disaster site in the future. >> translator: i want to help
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Mar 5, 2011 10:30am EST
of money on foreign aid, sending it to europe, they used it efficiently. japan did. these third world dictators use it to make people terribly rich. but as to seizing the money that blankets to gadhafi, that's not our money. it belongs to the libyan people. if we seize it, we should give it to the libyan people. how we do that, i'm not sure. but to come to a quick end to foreign aid is a good idea. >> if you listen to senator john kerry and you hear the same thing on both sides of the aisle, it's very easy to say we need to support these people of these countries, to promote democracy and it's only a modest sum of money. but then you say it and it turns into something else and as a nation, we don't monitor where the money is going. we say one thing and do another. >> although foreign aid is sometimes a bribe, isn't it? >> that's why i said it was -- >> you want some outreach to these governments. i mean, i think, you know -- >> the outreach -- >> knowing what's going on in some of these countries, maybe is not such a bad deal if that's what it takes. >> another interesting irony about
Mar 5, 2011 12:00pm PST
gotten from a couple others. in japan tel, there was a new karaoke bar. it was basically an old carry a keyboard that changed ownership. we did a little bit of education, -- it was an old karaoke bar. and last, the only incident we have the we have not gotten a police report on yet was an assault and stabbing in the mission area, and the interesting thing is that at this time, one, we are not sure about the nexus between that and the surrounding bars, and two, we are not sure if the bar have a permit in the first place. this may not be in our purview at all. we are just waiting for more information at this time, and that is all i have. thank you. president newlin: commissioners, any questions? any items from the public? seeing none, we will move on to item four. none. all right, item number five, a hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment division. item a, artura angulo, dba southtown arcade, 447 stockton. >> a retail store on the union square side. as i understand, it will have local art from local artists and st. cult
Mar 5, 2011 4:15pm EST
with in japan came, quite honest in a gambit to get him out of prison so he became -- so he would be looked upon as a japanese citizen but he wasn't married to a japanese woman and they got married in prison toward the end of his life. he was in love with a 17-year-old girl when he was 49 years old. there were occasional romantic dalliances. i go into that in the book. thank you very much. [applause] >> frank brady discussing the life of bobby fischer on booktv. to see this and other programs on line go to watch robert and data bear talk about the comedy routine online on on march 11th. the authors are both former cia agents and are married. they tell the story of their experiences in the cia in washington d.c.. at noon on friday go to and click the watch button above program information and the featured programs section of the page. >> we are talking with jessica hughes about her book revolt. tell us about it. >> it is a book i wrote as a team party activists to give a good lehmann's explanation for why freedom is always the best choice in economics and persona
Mar 4, 2011 5:00pm PST
japan to the bay of california. >>> this is not a rain event all weekend long; there will be some dry windows we'll try to highlight those for you. we do have higher clouds moving into the bay area. partly to mostly cloudy skies. as far as rainfall, nothing to show you right now in the bay area. we have to go to the north, right around the california oregon border. but that rain coverage will be on the increase. it was very warm out there today. remember just last week at this time we had temperatures only in the mid-40s, they were worried about snow levels to base clown sea level. tonight a completely different story with readings up to the 50s. a few upper 60s on here. they warmed up to # 0 degrees by afternoon. we do have this, high clouds lows will be in the 40s for this weekend rainfall. especially for late saturday. we're going to hold on to showers on sunday. the extended forecast still partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures. so far on the satellite you can see the clouds approaching the north coast and just a limited rainfall up here. this will be changing as we head into t
Mar 5, 2011 9:00am EST
fascinating times. china through the boxer rebellion through all kinds of wars with another's japan and other nations was a nation deeply changing and by 1912 it was ready for the biggest change of all. millennia of imperial rule were coming to an end and the first-ever chinese republic was being born. when that republic was born these young men became modern china's founding fathers. the prime minister of that republic was a graduate, the man who figured out how to build railroads across china was a graduate. the father of the chinese navy was a graduate and the university which is considered china's harvard, also a graduate. here were all these young men walking around the forbidden city talking to each other in english saying things like that's right, boy. it will be okay. this was the highlight of their lives. they were expecting that sooner or later china will thrive. they were heartbroken. china soon fell into a series of warlord is some and after that chinese -- japanese invention and after that civil war and communism. has these successful men turned old and frail they watched as ever
Mar 5, 2011 2:00pm EST
with the different models on board. we have something from the european space station and the htb from japan. what is amazing is how big the structure is. we can fly around the vehicle and take pictures and marble that the majority of the u.s. segment was brought up a piece by piece. it will be truly amazing. >> congratulations on a successful mission. the question will be for someone who wants to tackle it. i do not think people on the ground can appreciate what the living spaces are like in the space station. now that it is complete can you talk a little bit about how large it is and how much space you had to move around in? >> just to start off, this space station is the largest pressurized volume in place in history -- in space in the history. i use the word that my son uses, which isginormous -- is g inormous. it is equivalent to a seventh 47 or bigger. it is oppressive -- a 747 or better. we can use every single one of the walls or models in a way that we cannot do on the ground. it makes for a wonderful resource for science and living and being up here floating around. it is great. >> i hav
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7